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Through the application of common principles of consistent and uniform design, a combination of visual components was created that, through their combination, translates a particular message. Thus, the color, the geometric shape and the symbol, combined, result in a conspicuous and unambiguous information.

Escape Route and Safe Condition

Safety signage for escape routes, safe condition and Assembly Point.
Escape Route signage – Directive 92/58/EEC

Escape Route Signage - BS EN ISO 7010 and NFPA 170

Identification of Escape Route for people with reduced mobility

Safe Condition and Assembly Point Signage
*Sign also available in 120mmx120mm for installation using adhesive.
Obscured equipment location signage can benefit from an additional directional arrow installed in a more visible location.

Fire Door, Do Not Use Lift and Fire Action Notice

Safety signage for fire doors, do not use lift, Fire Action Notices, as well as Warning, Prohibition and Mandatory Actions. 
Fire Door
Excellence Fire door signs are only available in 120x120mm and do not require installation accessories as they are affixed directly to the door using a strong double-sided tape or adhesive.

Do Not Use Lift and Fire Action Notices

Bespoke Signage

Signage that allows you to fully customise text and/or a pictograms to your individual requirements.
In order to request a customised sign from this range, please indicate:

1 - The reference number of the required template as featured on the left
2 - The text and/or the symbol that you wish to feature.

Note: In the standard Everlux catalogue you can find a broad range of set of texts and pictograms that can be adapted to your requirements.

Bespoke Signage Examples
* Sign also available in 120mmx120mm for installation using adhesive


Escape and Alarm Zone Plans.
Escape Plan - horizontal perspective

Alarm Zone Plan - horizontal perspective

Escape Plan - vertical perspective

Escape Plans for Rooms
(*) Only available in this size

3D Escape Plan - horizontal perspective

3D Alarm Zone Plan - horizontal perspective

3D Escape Plan - vertical perspective