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Safety signage for luxury and prestigious environments

Excellence by Everlux considers a sign to be a decorative element within itself that should remain in harmony with the environment it shares.

Contemporary and Classic base materials

Excellence by Everlux signage is available in a variety of stylish base materials allowing the sign to complement the building’s decor and ambience; thereby assuring a harmonious coexistence between both elements.
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Excellence by You - A customised solution for your unique requirements

The Excellence by Everlux range offers a broad range of tailored options that allow base materials, sign size and fixing systems to be utilised to your personal specification.
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Excellence by Everlux

Compliance with safety signage standards is a challenge that architects, specifiers and interior designers often face. However, compliance with these standards does not necessarily mean aesthetic considerations cannot be met. The Excellence by Everlux safety signage was developed as an answer to this challenge. This product range aims to create a harmonious coexistence between the signage elements and the surrounding space, favouring the aesthetic and decorative aspects. See portfolio

Base materials and fixings

Classic base materials

A range of stylish contemporary and classic base materials which can be perceived as framing the sign itself.
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Fixing solutions suitable for different locations

You can choose among the several fixing solutions available, according to the base material selected and the visualisation angles required.
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Excellence by Everlux benefits from innovative technology that allows for the full illumination of the green, red and blue safety colours when light sources are diminished or removed altogether.
Photoluminescent properties
Time Luminance intensity
10min 215 mcd /m2
60min 30 mcd /m2
3100 min. 0.32 mcd /m2
  • Bespoke Signage

    Bespoke Signage

    Signage that allows you to fully customise the text and/or a pictogram.
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  • Plans


    Escape and Alarm Zone Plans.
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  • Escape Route and Safe Condition

    Escape Route and Safe Condition

    Safety signage for escape routes, safe condition and Assembly Point.
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  • Fire Equipment

    Fire Equipment

    Safety signage for fire extinguisher identification (ID) and fire-fighting equipment.
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What is a sign?

A safety sign is comprised of a set of visual elements that, when combined with each other, communicate a message. The combination of a prescribed colour, geometric shape and/or symbol results in the sign’s meaning being achieved in a simple and unambiguous manner.